In most cases one minute forex tick data will suffice for MetaTrader backtesting. However, for those who scalp the forex market or require 99% modeling quality it may be necessary to test against every market tick, a.k.a. forex tick data. The issue with MT4 and tick data is that MT4 does not provide a method to import tick data directly. There is, however, a multistep work around that can be done for free and can provide you with 99% modeling quality.

Step 1

Obtain MT4 compatible tick data via the FxTickData application.

Step 2

Convert Tick Data for use in MetaTrader 4.

Step 3

Backtest Using Tick Data

Note – Detailed instructions for Steps 2 and 3 will be provided to you via email after your purchase. These steps are available to you for free via 3rd party tools. The knowledgeable staff at FxTickData will provide support for these 3rd party tools directly to you during your active subscription to FxTickData. Following the directions provided and utilizing our support will ensure that you receive 99% modeling quality with your MetaTrader backtesting efforts.