Historical Currency Rates

The FxTickData Desktop Application provides historical currency rates with weekly updates for the following currency pairs:

PairStart DateEnd Date*                                PairStart DateEnd Date*
AUDJPY January 2006  Current Week   GBPCAD  January 2009 Current Week
AUDNZD January 2009  Current Week   GBPCHF  January 2004 Current Week
AUDUSD January 2004  Current Week   GBPJPY  January 2004 Current Week
CADJPY January 2009  Current Week   GBPUSD  January 2004 Current Week
CHFJPY January 2004  Current Week   NZDUSD  January 2005 Current Week
EURAUD January 2004  Current Week   USDCAD  January 2004 Current Week
EURCAD January 2009  Current Week   USDCHF  January 2004 Current Week
EURCHF January 2004  Current Week   USDDKK  January 2009 Current Week
EURCZK January 2009 Current Week   USDHKD  January 2009 Current Week
EURDKK January 2009  Current Week   USDJPY  January 2004 Current Week
EURGBP January 2004  Current Week   USDMXN  January 2009 Current Week
EURHUF January 2009  Current Week   USDNOK  January 2009 Current Week
EURJPY January 2004  Current Week   USDPLN  January 2009 Current Week
EURNOK January 2009  Current Week   USDSGD  January 2009 Current Week
EURPLN January 2009  Current Week   USDTHB  January 2009 Current Week
EURSEK January 2009  Current Week   USDZAR  January 2009 Current Week
EURUSD January 2004 Current Week   Gold, Silver  January 2009 Current Week

*The full version of the FxTickData application provides weekly updates for all 36 currency pairs listed above. Data may be exported as a universally accepted csv file, including the option to export as MT4 compatible data.


Client Testimonial

If you plan on trading with real money and you are backtesting with substandard data you are kidding yourself. Don't cut corners with historical data.

- Maurice Stanzo, PFXT.


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